Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Alpacas join in snow time frolic

Well everyone seems to be talking about the snow... 
and why not, it does rather take over normal life when it suddenly arrives. Hard to believe it is only water.

Our alpacas were standing around in it while it settled on their backs and their heads. I did not think they were being very sensible but they seemed to like being out in it. While a blizzard raged, I locked them in the stable. After the blizzard came the sun, so they were released again. Now the fun started.

The instinct to play in snow seems to cross all boundaries of age and even species. The dogs had enjoyed romping in the snow earlier. Now it was the turn of the alpacas. Rolling you can understand but just lying down and stretching out your neck in it, then leaping into the air - quite amazing to see. Clearly they were having a great time. The youngsters chased each other and threw snowballs (well I am sure they would have done if they could), then the mums joined in and played with their cria (term for young alpaca). Caught some of it on video on my digital camera.  A delightful surprise when I thought I was just going down to feed them.

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