Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Just when things seem to be settling down

Fed and watered, the alpacas were about to be released into the paddock when sticky eyes and lost leg fleece were noticed.

Mike Safely of Northwest Alpacas talks in his book The Alpaca Shepherd, about looking every animal in the eye every day to check how it is doing. When you start looking, it is amazing what you see. While they do not welcome too much fussing and fiddling, they are very tolerant of intention. It is a bit like learning to speak a new language.

Nia's eye bathed with warm water - no major problem but we will monitor. Scylla's leg hair loss looked like mite inflammation so treated with eprinex in pig oil and rubbed it on Owain's ears for good measure - little pink patches starting to show.

No grass to be seen today and probably not for a few days, unless we have heavy rain. Distributed hay nets through the paddocks to keep the fibre flowing and will keep an eye on what they are up to during the day. There is usually a window somewhere in the house you can catch a glimpse of the animals, even if you do have to stand on tip-toe.

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