Friday, 4 September 2009

Boy racer, or girl racer?

A racing pigeon turned up exhausted on Sunday morning (30th) and just wandered into the porch seeking shelter. Given our cats and dogs, this meant a rescue and removal in a cage to a quiet spot with some food and water. Guidance from various websites suggested that they will fly off again once they have rested. Next morning on release he only got as far as the roof and has pretty much stayed there since with the occasional test flight up and down the valley. He moves well, just not very far. (I have decided he is a 'he' but I couldn't really tell just by looking at what colour socks he was wearing).

He does not seem to be hurt but is not currently showing much inclination to return home - wherever that is. I checked his leg ring but could not see a phone number printed on his wings - apparently some of them do have this. The Royal Pigeon Racing Association have a page for reporting stray pigeons but you have to have them in your possession - you know the old saying about a bird in the bush (or on the roof). I was sure he would fly off home but apparently not. Now I have his number but can't currently make contact with the owner. GB-09-K38035

He seems happy enough but let's hope that the cats and local birds of prey don't invite him for lunch.

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