Monday, 7 September 2009

Reggie the racer moves on and other updates

Not sure where he has gone to but our racing pigeon visitor has not been seen for a few days. I did not even get to tell him his new name. He had taken to sitting on the bathroom windowsill and blinking at you through the window. Go well my young feathered friend...

The other visitor on the bank of the lake seems to be still digging but not showing his/her face. I am not sure whether it can be a fox, since our dogs show a distinct lack of interest in the hole other than cursory head stuffing and then on to the next thing. They have just had baths and a hair trim so heads in holes is to be discouraged anyway.

The cats continue to amaze and amuse. Bramble - small ginger - loves sitting on things, particularly near the edge. We have lost teapot lids, flour jars and the odd vase when she has fallen asleep and literally dropped off, though the vase was actually because she was trying to drink the water.

She also has a novel way of leaving the house but I will tell you about that another time.

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